21 August 2014

We Catch Up with Matthieu David, ESSEC Alum Living in China

David’s company, Daxue Consulting, is making a big impression in the news

Update - Look who is talking about Daxue Consulting!
After our last conversation with ESSEC Alum, Matthieu David, his consulting company based in China has been making waves and getting people talking.  Take a look at the articles below to find out what people have been saying.

Matthew David, from Daxue Consulting, the Expert Guiding Businesses in China (article in French)
Daxue Consulting News Round-Up

In September, it will have been 5 years that I have been in China. For many people who have never started a business abroad, that sounds tremendously adventurous, but things happened step by step for me.

ESSEC pushed me to go abroad as we had, at that time, to spend more than 6 months abroad to get our degree. I decided then to go to Hong-Kong for an internship in an investment fund. The experience was amazing and I finally applied for the dual degree with ESSEC and Peking University. Ultimately, I stayed, started two companies, among which, the first one was sold two years later. I am now running a market research company called Daxue Consulting based on a famous model in France but still new in China. 
ESSEC has been extremely helpful in providing the academic training to start, raise the money for and manage a business, but it has also helped me to connect with people. China is not an easy market, but which market is easy? The interesting thing about China when you are a foreigner is that you stand to gain a lot: regardless of what happens in terms of business success or failure, you learn a new culture, a new language and you create a personal asset.
As a consequence, after I completed my degree at ESSEC and my dual degree with Beida, my second most valuable teacher is this country, which makes it possible for me to meet and work with amazing people, discover new industries and new technologies. Over these last 5 years, I have been regularly asked whether I'd like to come back to France (especially from my family!) and I am sure I someday spend more time in France or in another, but China would have changed me anyway. This "China experience" has opened an entrepreneurial and technology-driven mindset that I did not have before. 
Over these last years, I have been especially motivated when I saw that our company was helpful to international businesses and that even Chinese companies were asking for our services. When your company is still young and you are still not that old either, there is something very exciting in thinking that medium to big companies are asking to work with you, recognize and value your intelligence and energy and finally even recommend you.