Masters Study Trip to Shanghai

by Devika Kulkarni, MSc in Marketing Management and Digital Student Ambassador


We knew our study trip was going to be an enriching experience for us right from the day we knew of the destination and the companies we were going to visit.

Most of us landed in Shanghai around 17-18th of March all geared up for one week of insider’s access to some of the most renowned and sought-after companies in the world. Our study trip committee had done a great job in securing a line-up of a wide variety of companies belonging to different fields such that it could be of interest to both students in the MSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics as well as the MSc in Marketing Management and Digital, as it was a joint trip for these two masters.

One very interesting thing which we noted was that the ESSEC alumni network is truly spread far and wide. Most of the companies we visited and the directors we met had given us their time because of the fact that there were ESSEC alumni working in their respective companies, who helped us organize meetings with directors and managers.

There was always something new to learn when we visited companies depending on the industry they were in, the markets and the customers they targeted. We started our first day by visiting Gucci; we got to learn about the marketing strategy undertaken by Gucci in the Chinese market and it was interesting to learn about how they exploit WeChat as a medium to reach their customers.

Visiting companies such as Ford and Capgemini gave us a perspective into strategy-making and the factors to take into account before formulating a strategy for the Chinese market.

Additionally, we got to meet with the Digital Marketing Director of L’oreal, who explained to us the various campaigns the company has undertaken and what it plans to do next. It was exciting to note that the company was giving us a sneak peek into what lies in the future for them.

Also, Firmenich warmly welcomed us with a tour of their labs and office such that we could see how fragrances and flavors are actually made. Lastly, companies such as Dormeuil and Remy Cointreau gave us an insight into their age-old tradition and the luxuriousness that permeates their brands. The cherry on the cake was the invitation which we received from Shanghai Tang to attend their new product launch event.

Through this event, we got exclusive access to hear the Creative Director and the owners of Shanghai Tang speak more about the inspiration and thought behind their new creations.

Overall, the amalgamation of companies belonging to different sectors such as Luxury, Automobile, and Consulting gave students a holistic look at the challenges of different industries. Meeting and hearing the vision of individuals such as directors and managers who work behind the scenes was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The knowledge accumulated through this study trip is definitely something we will remember when we step into the workforce soon into the future.