27-28 November 2013

ESSEC Business School will participate in the 8th China Luxury Summit in Shanghai from November 27-28, 2013.

The luxury industry as a whole has proved robust during the global economic downturn when many sectors suffered. Now the challenge for many luxury brands is to continue to build on that momentum in an increasingly global and complex market, where growth requires boldness and the ability to operate under different rules. However, in the process of the development of luxury brand, we still have to face to the embarrassment of the balance between China and overseas market. When luxury brands expand into new lifestyle categories, we have to understand what kind of ‘lifestyle’ high-end consumers need. It would be a positive or negative change in luxury market in 2014? What kind of high quality lifestyle do Chinese high-end consumers need? And how Chinese and global luxury brands deal with the talent development? You will find the answer from the 8th China Luxury Summit!

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