ESSEC Alumni Gathering

The ESSEC community gathered in September for its monthly cocktail reception with close to 40 alumni present in Shanghai.


Organized by Matthieu David (E10, CEO and Founder of Daxue Consulting) and Pan Ni 潘逆(E14), Financial Analyst at Butler Capital) presided over by Antoine de la Gatinais. The community gathered to hear two speakers: ZHANG Yan (E12), Co-founder of Natunakids and CAO Shuyang 曹抒阳 (M10), Co-founder of Malu Innovation. Zhang Yan张艳 (E12) shared her experience of online marketing and building a brand from scratch by leveraging social media and word-of-mouth while Shuyang explained the reasons why he created his venture and the steps that lead to the prototype. The next gathering will be held in November and is open to any ESSEC alumni.