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Internships & Apprenticeships

Professional experience that gives you an advantage

Throughout the entire program, students maintain constant interaction with the business world in order to ensure that they acquire significant professional experience integrated into the curriculum and have the right recruitment contacts afterwards.


Internships & Apprenticeships



At ESSEC, the work study program, apprenticeship, allows students to alternate course work with real-world professional experience in a company that will at the same time finance their studies.

The company with which a student signs an apprenticeship agreement covers the tuition fees and pays the student a salary during the entire term of the contract. 

Apprenticeships are available to students in MSc in Management and certain Advanced Master’s programs under the age of 26 who have a certain level of proficiency in French.


The internships that are part of the ESSEC programs provide students the chance to obtain significant professional experience and ESSEC strives to ensure that all students have regular opportunities for contact with companies. Throughout the internship, full attention is given to the key stages of the process. With the assistance of professors, ESSEC:

  • Validates the content of each mission to make sure it corresponds to its demanding criteria: accountability, risk-taking, experience in managerial situations
  • Organizes individual and group experience feedback sessions
  • Ensures that each student strives to acquire a different skill set
  • Appraises the skills acquired through a variety of methods: tutoring, mentoring, coaching, business incubators, talent pools, business game, personal accounts