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Career Services


As an essential link between companies and future graduates, the Career Services Department offers various tools and services that enable students to find internship and apprenticeship opportunities during their time at ESSEC as well as job offers afterwards. 


Career Services



ESSEC students may benefit from the vast array of services made available to them through the Career Services department, which promotes interaction and collaboration between companies, students and ESSEC alumni.  With a network of over 700 partner companies, individualized tutoring and a number of contacts with professionals, ESSEC Career Services gives students the tools they need for rapid entry into the working world. More than 15,000 internship and apprenticeship opportunities, of which approximately 10% are based abroad, are made available to students each year via an internal database.


Career Services is a department at ESSEC with the mission of: 

  • Offering advice to students in terms of constructing and implementing their professional project and validating their professional experiences         
  • Developing new partnerships with companies and organizing events

The Career Services department fulfills its mission by offering students a number of recruitment tools, such as personalized coaching and a number of online resources, designed to help them acquire internships, apprenticeships or jobs.

Professional Mentors

The Advisory Service at ESSEC offers students professional guidance in their search job hunt.
Each program has a dedicated advisory service manager who provides students with advice and coaching, in the form of group workshops and individual meetings, designed to prepare them for all of the stages of the recruitment process.

Additionally, each student works with an individual mentor that helps them choose the right courses and experiences to construct their professional profile.

Internal Online Resources

ESSEC has an online database of all internship, apprenticeship and full time job offers which is updated on a regular basis. 

The offers are categorized by function and business sector and put online within 48 hours of being received.

The database can be accessed on the Career Services website from any computer within ESSEC and on external computers with a student code. 


The CV Online website aims to facilitate contact between students and recruiters.
It allows students to easily upload and manage their profile, CV and availability online.
Using the built in search engine, the companies can consult the CVs, select the profiles that interest them and then contact the students they wish to recruit.