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ESSEC’s long-standing relationship with the corporate world is characterized by the depth of the partnerships developed over the years. As ESSEC provides a unique and dynamic learning environment that allows participants the flexibility to integrate professional experience in to the curriculum, students are thoroughly prepared to enter the working world immediately upon graduation.

Alumni Network

A network of 47,000 alumni across the globe
With a vast network of active alumni spread out among over 60 chapters in the world, ESSEC students have the benefit of a solid support system.
ESSEC’s Alumni Association seeks to:
  • Develop the systematic practice of networking and communication between ESSEC alumni and students and to promote exchanges with other key players from economic, social or cultural domains.
  • Increase the influence of the ESSEC brand and continuously testify about the values and know-how of ESSEC and its alumni in order to facilitate the recruitment process for future graduates.
  • Increase its contribution to the development of ESSEC and actively play a role in making the decisions that will help make ESSEC the school of tomorrow.
  • Meet the needs and expectations of the ESSEC community in Paris, in France or worldwide, by providing quality services. 

Many ESSEC alumni have gone on to achieve significant accomplishments in their respective fields and are leading numerous multinational companies.


Alumni Profiles

ConsultantCapgemini Consulting China
Name: Bo XU
Nationality: Chinese
Employer: Capgemini Consulting China
Program: MSc in Management 2012
Previous University: Xi’an International Studies University

Whenever I look back onthe past 4 years at ESSEC, I always feel delighted to have gone through this wonderful journey that made  many of my dreams come true.I’m very lucky to have lived my early twenties in Paris as it gave me so many precious memories to be treasured for life.

Product Manager, Group Shaver, BIC
Name: Meng Lin
Nationality: Chinese
Employer: BIC
Program: MSc in Management 2011
Previous University: Xi’an International Studies University
“I believe a good business school should provide students with opportunities to put theory into practice. Thanks to the ESSEC Career Services and a dedicated career consultant, I had two interesting work experiences in different industries. I’m now working in the US with opportunities to move to Asia at the end of 2013.”