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Student Associations


From sports to humanitarian work to international clubs, ESSEC is home to over 100 student associations that cover a myriad of interests and offer various opportunities for students to get involved. Each association is a reflection of the broad diversity of cultures, experiences, and interests of ESSEC students. Business school is about more than just classes, it’s about making connections.

Student Associations

On the Cergy campus, one of the wings is entirely dedicated to student clubs. Easy to identify with its colorful decorations and cheerful posters, it is the place where students create and organize the activities that vitalize student life and contribute to the reputation of ESSEC. The clubs focus on sports, professional activities, culture, humanitarian aid, public affairs, or foreign countries.


The Student Council associations ensure that students from all programs are informed about the goings on at ESSEC and represent the student body in ESSEC’s various advisory committees. They also coordinate and animate student life at ESSEC as well as organize meetings with alumni and corporate contacts.

  • BDE Master



The seven indispensable associations at ESSEC are rooted in the foundation of the school and are known to all ESSEC students.

  • Chez Maurice: Not technically an association, Chez Maurice is simply a friendly location for students to eat, drink, discuss, or just hang out.
  • ​​ESSEClive: ESSEC's community website that regroups all student associations as well as their calendar of events and photos of campus life.
  • FOY’S: Founded in 1973, the Foy's is a student-run pub located at the Cergy-Pontoise campus. It serves ESSEC students from noon to midnight, offering fresh sandwiches for lunch and a wide variety of drinks all day long. In addition to every day operations, the "Foy's" also organizes many themed parties.
  • L’Impertinent: The school's student-run magazine
  • Les Mardis de l'ESSEC: The number one student association in France that organizes discussions with leading public figures from the political, cultural, economical and civil spheres. Participants have included current (and former) heads-of-state and ministers, as well as the foremost intellectual leaders, and major businessmen and women.
  • RACE: Founded in 1991, RACE (Racing Automobile Club Essec) organizes, among other major events, the biggest student go-karting event in Europe, the "24 heures Karting ESSEC."
  • REVE FM/EVE FM: The school's student-run radio that produces various podcasts (talk-show, music, soccer, political, cinema, etc.) and records  a 24-hour long broadcast each year



As integrated professional experience is an important feature of all programs, ESSEC is home to nine professional associations that specialize in the very popular finance and consulting industries among others.

  • ESSEC International Consulting
  • ESSEC Initiatives
  • ESSEC Enterprise Solutions
  • ESSEC Transaction
  • ESSEC Junior Consulting
  • PAO Bang 
  • Image
  • Log'ESSEC


If you are interested in doing sports, the Sports Council can help you get involved.  There are 14 club sports or independent associations that gather regularly to practice various types of sporting activities.

  • 4L IMHI
  • Sports Council  "Mangez Bougez"
  • ESSEC Crew Club
  • ESSEC Rugby Team
  • ESSEC Sailing
  • ESSEC Riding Team
  • Extreme ESSEC
  • ESSEC Flying Club
  • Pool
  • Trekking Club
  • Ski Club
  • ESSEC Football
  • ESSEC Grand Prix
  • ESSEC Club H2O 


The 15 international associations are committed to welcoming international students and promoting multicultural awareness throughout the school.

  • ESSEC Argentina
  • ESSEC Africa
  • ESSEC China
  • ESSEC Korea
  • ESSEC India
  • ESSEC Israel
  • ESSEC Japan
  • ESSEC Lebanon
  • ESSEC Morocco
  • ESSEC Tunisia
  • MELT
  • Marco Polo
  • ESSEC North America
  • Franco British Student Alliance
  • World Wide Welcome


No matter your interest, ESSEC has a club that for you.  Check out a listing of the special interest associations below and find out how you can get involved!  

Humanitarian Associations

The 14 humanitarian associations at ESSEC carry out actions in France in order to provide aid for youth affected by cancer as well as youth with academic difficulties.  They also work to contribute to the educational and economic development in areas such as Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

  • Child Solidarity Initiative
  • Mission Potosi
  • Sari
  • ESSEC School Care
  • Turning the World
  • Tuonglai
  • S'cool & co
  • Cheer Up
  • Delta
  • Edi kitchum
  • SMIB for Smile
  • Genepi
  • ESSEC Humanitarian Partners
  • Blood Donation Challenge

Creative Interest Associations

ESSEC offers 14 associations that enable students to take part in extra-curricular activities such as theater, photography, choir, and even haute cuisine.

  • Choir
  • ESSEC Audiovisual Association
  • Games Council
  • Comedia
  • High Five
  • IMHI Catering
  • Jam              
  • Karao-Kings
  • Label Sauce
  • Musical
  • Noir sur Blanc
  • Pouce
  • Choir des Ecos
  • Triomfanfare

Citizenship Associations

The citizenship associations at ESSEC address and are primarily concerned with political and societal debates, sustainable development, as well as the integration and fair treatment of handicapped individuals. 

  • Europa ESSEC
  • MS Central ESSEC Entrepreneurs
  • Net Impact Paris
  • Oikos Paris
  • Sex Equality
  • World Wom’ents
  • Microfinance
  • « Une grande école: pourquoi pas moi? »  (Business school, why not me?)

Cultural Associations

The cultural associations at ESSEC are oriented towards intellectual and artistic pursuits such as cinema, literature, oenology and the arts in general.  The other associations in the group focus their activities around the organization of cultural voyages, religion, diversity and the discovery of regional cultures.

  • BBA ESSEC & Co
  • Arts Council
  • Hunting & Fishing Club
  • CineQuaNon (cinema club)
  • Christian Community
  • DiverCity            
  • E&B
  • Elyxir
  • Desartsonnes
  • Plaid ESSEC
  • When Shall We Read?
  • Sea, ESSEC and Sun
  • Shamrock
  • ESSEC Debating Society