Advanced Master SMIB

Advanced Master SMIB

Mastering the complexity of global business 

Grounded in ESSEC’s founding values of humanism, diversity, responsibility, innovation and excellence, the Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business (SMIB) provides students with the global view of the organization, and prepares them to rise to the challenges of rapidly changing economic and social environments.


Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business

ESSEC’s Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business is an internationally oriented program which prides itself on training managers who are capable of thriving in a global and challenging business market. The program allows its students to acquire skills in strategy, management, international business, marketing and financial engineering and helps them understand the inherent risks in the ever-changing international environment. 

The internationally focused pedagogy is anchored in a case-based approach, presenting students with international business situations. Solutions that emerge often reflect the cultural and academic diversity of the students. Lecturers have a strong international background, often coming from prestigious foreign institutions.
 To allow for individually adapted programs and refined career goals, a lot of the courses are optional.

Watch a Campus Channel interview with the Program Director and find out more:


  • Multi-campus tracks in Europe, Asia, and North & Latin America: depending on the chosen track, courses take place partly in the ESSEC campuses of Cergy and Singapore, and partly in its international partners’ campuses.
  • International partnerships with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, Thunderbird School of Global Management in the USA, EGADE Graduate School of Business at Technologico de Monterrey in Mexico, Queen’s School of Business in Canada.
  • International rankings confirming the ESSEC’s strong reputation amongst recruiters, particularly in light of the economic context and the financial crisis:
  • #1 in the world for “placement success” in the Financial Times’ 2009 Global Masters in Management.
  • #1 in the MOCI’s 2009 ranking of French Masters in International Business




Graduates of this program find management positions in various sectors in France, Europe and worldwide:

  • Consulting: consultant in strategy, in international development, in mergers and acquisitions, business analyst, audit consultant, risk management consultant
  • International business: project manager, business developer, head of import-export, zone manager, international development manager
  • Finance: Financial analyst, investment banking auditor, head of international project financing, auditor/credit risk manager, systems engineer and head of financial processes, international treasurer, international management controller
  • Marketing & sales: International product manager, marketing manager, key account manager, head of market research, sales director, sales manager
  • Management: Subsidiary director, project manager


According to our survey among the previous class:

  • 50% of our students find a job before the end of their company field project
  • 92% find a job within 4 months after graduation
  • 79% work at a position with an international scope
  • 30% work abroad (USA, Singapore, Marocco, India, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Australia, Ireland, Turkey and Argentina)


  • The ESSEC Career Services has a team of professionals specialized in relevant business sectors and career counselling and coaching. It offers services based on personal development techniques and coaching in Human Resources.
  • The counselling team includes a coaching and career counselling professional and three specialized consultants who help students define their professional goals and organize the internship search. Later, the ESSEC Alumni Association’s Career Orientation Service takes over with advice and support for the job search.
  • Individual counselling sessions facilitate project definition, target company search, and provide self-marketing counselling for students, including those from outside France.


  • 75% of the students hold degrees in engineering or science
  • 25% hold degrees in law, management or political sciences
  • 10% have some work experience
  • 45% of the cohort is international, with 35 nationalities representing the five continents
  • Students share an international background (dual nationality, studies or work abroad), with a strong level in English
  • They speak 3 or more languages

To find out more about the program visit the MS SMIB pages or talk with the students from the Class of 2013


A multidisciplinary program with an international perspective

  • Basic Management
  • Self development
  • Strategy
  • Management
  • International Business
  • International Finance
  • International Marketing

Study trips abroad

On top of the academic and practical training, the program allows you to participate in a study trip abroad every year. This 5 to 10 day trip in February-March aims to enable you to meet and exchange views and knowledge with several major international and local companies in the country visited. 

Company field projects and professional thesis

In addition to courses, the program facilitates students’ professional integration through the company field project which enables students to be objectively evaluated by a firm, particularly during the defense of the professional thesis.

What the students have to say

“A very broad view of international business”
“Previously I didn’t have much knowledge in finance and accounting as I did my master in engineering. I wanted to achieve a position in management of international projects. The program covers most subjects in management: finance, accounting, purchasing, and marketing and at the end we have a very broad view of International Business. I think the world is becoming more and more flat. Every student who is ambitious should experience international business, to know how to communicate with foreign people, to put themselves in other people’s shoes. Joining this program, with a lot of international students, means you have to adapt to other cultures. All the cross cultural exchanges are very interesting. In your professional life, you need the same qualities and this program helps to develop them and to be open-minded”. 
Qian Xiao, China. Background: Tsinghua University Bachelor Degree in Engineering, including 2-year exchange program with Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France), followed by a Master degree in Management Science and Engineering

“A far wider choice of career opportunities”
“I chose this program because it was a very famous international Advanced Master, and also, because I come from Tunisia, it was an opportunity for me to discover international strategy and international management. The added value of this program is that it’s a way to discover in just one year a very wide spectrum of the subjects that you need to be a top level manager. The course is very intensive and you have to work hard, but it’s really worth it.
Concerning my career expectations, I must admit that the benefits were huge, because during my studies at engineering school, my only ambition was to be a consultant and then, with this program in ESSEC Business School, I had the opportunity to acquire many more tools and a wide scope concerning corporate finance and also management. Now I have a far wider choice of career opportunities, including strategy which I am particularly interested in.”
Zyed El Meddedb, French/Tunisian. Background: Ecole Centrale Nantes