For over a century, ESSEC has been developing a unique learning model, promoting the values of freedom, openness, innovation and responsibility. Preparing future managers to reconcile personal interests with collective responsibility, giving consideration to the common good in their decision-making, and weighing economic challenges against the social costs are some of the objectives ESSEC has set for itself. Its ultimate goal: creating a world that has meaning for us all led by managers who are capable of reinventing business.



A pioneer of business-related learning since 1907, ESSEC’s mission is to respond to the challenges of the future.  In an interconnected, technological, and uncertain world, where the tasks are increasingly complex, ESSEC offers a unique pedagogical approach. This approach is founded on the creation and dissemination of cutting- edge knowledge, a blend of academic learning and practical experience, and a multicultural openness and dialogue.
ESSEC is an innovation-driven institution that creates value and focuses on the individual. It cultivates a distinct approach in order to preserve and enhance its leadership in today’s fiercely competitive global environment. The leaders of tomorrow will need convictions that are well thought out and strong enough to guide them through difficult decisions and situations and ESSEC strives to ensure that of its students through its unique business model and strong ties with corporate partners.
The overall goal of these efforts: to seek out, reveal and nurture talented individuals capable of facing the challenges of business in tomorrow’s global world by combining managerial efficiency and social responsibility.


In 1907, the Institut Sainte-Geneviève founded the Institute of Economic and Commercial Sciences to instill moral values in the business world and train a new generation of business leaders. Since that time, ESSEC has become one of Europe’s top management schools, while remaining true to its unique calling of promoting ethics and openness to the world.

1907: Foundation of the Institute of Economic and Commercial Sciences
1932: Creation of the first Student Council (the governing organization which represents the student body)
1963: Creation of the Research Center
1967: Launch of Executive Education
1981: Creation of the MBA in Hospitality Management (IMHI)
1993: Introduction of ESSEC apprenticeship program
1995: Launch of the International Luxury Brand Management MBA program
1997: ESSEC becomes first AACSB-accredited school outside of North America
2000: Birth of ESSEC Ventures (ESSEC structure for entrepreneurs which consists of training programs, an incubator, a talent incubator, a dedicated seed fund and events to unite entrepreneurs and investors)
2003: ESSEC receives EQUIS accreditation
2004: Launch of ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA program
2005: Inauguration of ESSEC’s Singapore campus
2007: ESSEC celebrates its centenary
2014: Launch of the first two ESSEC MOOCs dedicated to decision making in complex environments with Edgar Morin, and social entrepreneurship.
2014: Presentation and beginning of the implementation of the ESSEC 3i strategic plan aimed at 2020. The development of ESSEC will lie in three major thrusts: innovation, involvement, and internationalisation.
2015: Inauguration of the ESSEC Singapore campus. Located at Nepal Hill, in the heart of an area in full development dedicated to research, entrepreneurship and teaching, the 6,500 m² building can welcome up to 1,500 students a year.
2017: Inauguration of ESSEC Africa. The new 6,000m² campus is located on the Plage des Nations site in Sidi Bouknadel in the heart of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra neighborhood. The brand new facility is home to a number of ESSEC's academic activities including bachelor’s and master’s level programs; executive education courses; the development of a business incubator; and various research activities.



ESSEC Business School, one of the leading institutions in Europe for business education, has developed a unique learning experience that integrates professional and international experience. 
ESSEC offers rigorous academic programs that will encourage you to be autonomous while also teaching you how to reinvent the way business is done.

Accredited by AACSB and EQUIS, ESSEC offers numerous internship, exchange and work study opportunities that prepare and help you develop in to business leaders.
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